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Date: Thursday, May. 28, 2020 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Date: Thursday, May 28th
Time: 3:00 to 4:00pm

Why you should consider Australia and New Zealand as part of your international business plans.

Australia and New Zealand have weathered the crisis relatively well compared to other nations and are already reducing lock down restrictions for people and businesses to help speed up a return to “normal”. 
The IMF have forecast that the Australian and New Zealand economies will see rebounds in growth in 2021 (+6.7% Aus and +5.9% New Zealand) and we are seeing evidence of Federal and State governments increasing and fast -tracking initiatives and spending to help stimulate the economy.

As a way of example:

  • The federal government has announced that they remain committed to delivering its planned “A$100 billion ($US65bn) , 10-year infrastructure pipeline;
  • Australia’s largest State (New South Wales) has started to fast-track construction & building projects whilst also investing US$44 million in urban public infrastructure directly. Since January 2020 they have approved 142 major projects injecting US$2.5 billion into the economy;
  • Six new patrol boats will be built under a fast-tracked US$228million Defence project; and
  • The Australian Government is investing heavily in its Advanced Manufacturing capabilities with an emphasis on health, defence and cyber.

Both Australia and New Zealand are also very heavily reliant on imports and are actively seeking greater geographical diversification in their supply chains to protect and grow their businesses. With the US a trusted trading partner this could open new opportunities for Virginian exporters.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • The current environment in Australia and New Zealand - how we have weathered the crisis and why the economies are expected to bounce back
  • What data you should gathering to help you select and prioritise key overseas markets
  • What has changed in our environment and in the mind-set of potential customers
  • Sectors of opportunity including: Defence and Security, ICT, Advanced Manufacturing, Industrial Equipment, Agriculture, Health
  • Tips on how to assess the Australian market and engage with current and future Australian partners/customers

We have partnered with Foley & Associates to learn more!


  • Angela Foley, Managing Director
  • Jenny O’Sullivan, Senior Advisor - International Trade & Investment



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